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Welcome to Gateway Furnishings Sdn Bhd

Import Security Door, Staircase, and Balcony.

Gateway Furnishings is about modern security door and have various design of staircase railing which helps various supplier and designers to distribute its unique interior product to interested buyer.

We are able to provide reasonable priced and practical security door , staircase railing , insect screen , window blinds/curtain,3D wallpaper and aluminium swing door/fold-BI. We do not stop exploring for more creative ideas in this industry, Infact we have been in this industry since 2005 and we are the pioneer importer of China and Local security door, staircase railing with baluster, Insect Screen, Vitally Brand aluminium BI-Fold / swing door ,Korean Blinds ,Korean 3D & Customised Mural Wallpaper.

To better serve our customers, we will provide you with a wide variety of products designs to choose from.

  • 13 Years Experience

    Our company has established since 2005

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